Can you believe it’s exactly one month till Christmas?  This year has gone by so fast!
With only a month to go, the lists seem endless right now. So much to do, so little time!  What about you?  Do you create lists to help you survive the holiday season or do you just ‘wing it’?
I bought a little book last year to help me keep track of all the gifts I bought during the year. I like to start early – that way I’m not overwhelmed and broke at Christmas. This year added another thing to my list … I used up my airmiles and aeroplan points for gift cards J  How sweet is that? 
I’ve decided that it’s time to pull back on toys this year for my girls. They’ll get a toy each, a game, craft items and clothes. I’d like to remove the focus off the gifts and onto giving this year … my two older ones get it and are good with it but my youngest … well, she’s all about the toys still.  Give it time J
The ‘itch’ is starting though to decorate. December 1st is when the tree goes up,
but with out basement finished now – I have more room to decorate J 
My husband would like me to not go overboard I’m sure, and I really don’t
want to spend a lot of money on decorations.
Anyone have any suggestions for some homemade decorating??