How is it possible that in today’s age of modernism, a group of Neo-Nazi’s could not only exist but grow and successfully threaten others? How is it possible with the celebrations only a few weeks old, of the stories told of surviving the concentration camps, of honoring the dead who fought so bravely for our freedom – which a group of hate filled teens are able to create a group so full of violence and NOT get caught?

In today’s Calgary Sun there is an article informing the public that the Neo-Nazi group which existed within Calgary’s underground, disbanded today.

Why? Not due to police or legal involvement. They certiainly didn’t experience a sudden change of heart and realize their hatred serves no purpose. They disbanded due to infighting. Their hatred exploded within their own group. Nice.

According to their website statement “It’s sad to see how a group founded on the heard work and good intentions of so many can be spoiled by the rash actions of so few…the Aryan Guard is officially disbanded.”

You know what is sad? Not that they disbanded but rather that they became a group in the first place. Just this month alone Calgary has experienced too many hate crimes by groups such as these. Where have we gone wrong with our youth today that they hold the misguided belief that holding hatred close to their hearts is right?

There’s something wrong with our society when a group of Neo-Nazi’s disband not because they saw the error of their ways, not because they realize hatred against any group is wrong, but because they couldn’t stop the fighting amongst themselves.

So “YIPPPEEE” this one group disbanded. But you know two more groups will join forces now – that one group has split into two. So now what?