>Not sure if you followed the story, but after 15 months of captivity in Somali, Alberta journalist Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brennan, an Australian photographer, were finally released!

In Amanda’s own words, she lived under “extremely oppressive conditions. There were times that I was beaten, that I was tortured. It was an extremely difficult situation.” I think she put it mildly. Pistol whipped, chained, starved and forced to sit on a floor in a corner … I couldn’t begin to imagine the horrors she went through.

When I heard on the news that the reason for her freedom was not because of the Canadian government but rather because of her family, I was shocked. For 15 months our Canadian government sat on their hands and ignored the Lindhout’s pleas for help and compassion. Instead it was her family who secured her release. Apparently, according to the Calgary Sun it was Amanda’s mom who said “she was getting increasingly frustrated with the Canadian government and would probably be looking at alternative ways to bring Amanda home.”

Know I understand our governments’ stance on negotiating with terrorists. But I couldn’t imagine being Amanda’s mother and having to accept that. I don’t blame her for taking steps necessary to save her daughter.

It was that plea that touched my heart today. I heard on the radio that they re-mortgaged their home to help pay the $1 Million ransom. As a mom – I would do everything and anything to protect my child. What I find sad is that it took 15 months to do this. Amanda Lindhout’s mother is a strong woman – she has to be. To endure 15 months with her daughter in captivity, not knowing the outcome but believing something will be done.

From one mother to another – tears are shed for you. Thank God your daughter is alive and on her way back to you.