If it sounds like I’m repeating myself, let me apologize. But I’m flabbergasted at the reality that others feel it’s ok to sell another human being for their own profit. Especially in Canada. I thought we were past that?

In today’s Calgary Sun there is an article regarding the human trafficking that has unfortunately hit our town.

Imagine your average hairdresser. She’s an older lady, around 50, owns a salon that you frequent atleast once every two months. She has a little bischon dog which yips around the salon wanting treats from everyone willing to pet it. She drives a hummer, so you know that she’s doing well.

Imagine that same lady whispering in the year of eager men while trimming their necklines. She’s not whispering tidbits of gossip or advice on how to woo the man’s girlfriend. Instead she’s whispering directions to a small house where two women are waiting to be sold. For $4000 each.

Disgusting. Absolutely revolting. Unfortunately it’s only the first of many such cases in our city. I’m glad it’s in the news today – it means that they were caught. I hope it means that others will soon be caught as well. No matter the circumstance, no matter the paltry excuse – no one has the right to sell another.  No one.

It makes my heart weep to think of those woman waiting at that house. You know they weren’t there willingly. I hope someone is there to help them, offer them hope. Wouldn’t this be a great time for the church to rise up and show the love of Christ?

Just my thoughts ….