>Janet Reid has a great post today … great in the aspect that I actually laughed when I read it.

Apparently it’s not a good idea to submit your novel to an agent if it’s unfinished 😉  Who knew??  I mean, you would think that the agent, being oh so talented and smart, and obviously a mind reader, would be able to tell INSTANTLY by reading your query that your novel is absolutely fantastic!  Just because it’s not finished doesn’t mean anything! 

Come on!  I know we might be tempted to begin the query process early, the stress of having to query and wait … and wait … and wait … can seem daunting, but from what I’m finding, finishing the book is actually harder. My story is written and 2nd edit is completed. But there is NO WAY I would consider sending it out yet. After reading all the brilliant tidbits of information out there on the whole writing/querying process, sitting on a manuscript for a bit is a smart move. 

So if I can offer one tidbit of advice to anyone who is starting to work on the novel … finish it first before querying it!  LOL