>My daughter has book reports due monthly starting in January. We’ve been reading her book diligently and I have to admit I like the story 🙂  But I was looking at her book report outline and while her’s is on a much smaller scale – it looks familiar doesn’t it?

It hold the basics necessary for any book written. When you sit down to write – do you go along these guidelines for your story or do you wing it and think about it afterwards?

A.      List on separate lines
a.       Author
b.      Publisher
c.       Where published
d.      When published
B.      You will have at least 8 paragraphs when you are finished this part. In complete sentences write the following:
a.       In a paragraph 1 summarize the story in 5 or more sentences
                                                               i.      Where the story took place
                                                             ii.      The basic plot
b.      In paragraph 2 & 3 write about
                                                               i.      Protagonist (good guy)
                                                             ii.      Antagonist (bad guy)
                                                            iii.      Describe the main characters
c.       In paragraphs 4 & 5 write about (*this part may need to be more than two paragraphs)
                                                               i.      Plot (actions and events of story)
                                                             ii.      Conflict (what the problem is)
                                                            iii.      Resolution (note the root word is solve, so tell how the conflict is solved)
                                                           iv.      Conclusion (note the root word is conclude, so tell how the story ends)
d.      In paragraph 6 write 4 or 5 sentences about your favourite part of the story. Tell why it is your favourite part.
e.      In paragraph 7 tell why you liked or disliked the book. Give reasons for this.
f.        In paragraph 8 tell who you would recommend the book to. Make sure to include your reasons.