>Christmas has always held a special part of my heart. It’s where love is celebrated – not just for couple who are ‘in love’ but for humanity, as a whole. It’s when families join together, friends hold tight and memories assail – all to celebrate the essence of the spirit of Christmas.

For me, that essence is Jesus. For other that essence may mean something else entirely. But no matter what our beliefs, I think we can all agree that at the very core it’s about remembrance, love, peace and humanity.

Last night we kept track of Santa. My girls wanted to ensure they didn’t miss him. We put out cookies with a special gift for him to see.

Today, it was about Jesus. All morning the girls, my youngest especially, kept saying “Happy Birthday Jesus”. They loved all their gifts of course, but we took turns telling the story of Jesus birth.

I love the carefree attitude my children have today, the happiness that shines through because they know they are loved and appreciated. The quiet family time we spend together means alot to me. Yesterday we started a new family tradition. As a child I used to LOVE doing puzzles. Every year I would get a new puzzle and throughout the holiday I would work on it.  Last night we started a puzzle (and after spending over 7 hours working on it, promptly decided the cats were too hard … LOL).  But it was fun and a new tradition.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

Merry Christmas everyone!