New year, new resolutions. Right? Will you do a repeat of last year and make your resolutions only to promptly forget about them after the first week of January?

Making resolutions December 31st has become the tradition, only for many to break them starting January 1st. They range from “I want to exercise more” to “I want to drink less” and anything else in between. For those of us who write, it may mean “I want to finish my WIP this year” to “I want to land an agent”.  Regardless of the resolution, it’s the follow through that remains the problem.

This year I’ve decided to forgo making resolutions, especially those I can’t (or won’t) keep. I know myself too well. I’m full of good intentions but when it comes to making it happen, I fizzle. And when I fizzle, I fizzle good 😉

Instead, I’ve made goals. Goals that I know I’ll keep, will work towards and are beneficial to me.

For instance:

1)       Work out 3x a week (the gym is across the road and I’ll go at lunch … this I can do)

2)       Finish my book by July (again, no problem, I have a schedule for this)

3)       Learn to drink water. Yep you heard me right. I hate drinking water.

What about you? Will you make resolutions that you won’t keep or will you change your mindset and make goals that you can work towards? I double dog dare you to make goals that are attainable, beneficial and something you can and will do!  Come on – who will take me on?