>I’m finding myself a tad bit excited about this reading challenge. I’ve always prided myself on how much I read .. this is the chance for me to really prove it. I want to read inspiring books, not ho-hum type of books this year. Once in a while I’ll throw in a historical romance because let’s admit – they are fun to read.

So here’s where the update comes in. For all those who join me in this contest (you must be a follower and you must put your name and blog info in the comments under the Challenge post) you will have the chance to WIN a free book!  For every 25 books that I read (so that’s 4 chances) I will send you one (or more) books to add to your list!

**Edited: Remember that the way to win is when “I” read 25 books!  

So sign up!  Join me in this reading challenge!