>After taking 10 days to complete a puzzle to grace my oldest daughter’s bedroom wall (of a horse) I discovered a simple lesson. Editing, like puzzles, takes time, precision and a lot of frustrated moaning!

You all know what its like when you work on a puzzle. First you work on the outer part, laying a foundation for the other pieces. Then, once that’s completed you find a starting point and begin. Some may do it in sections, taking colors vs area, others might start with the corners and work their way in.

Me, I went the easy route. The sky. After all, how hard can a sky really be? It’s one color … right?

Just like editing (so I’m learning). With all the blogs I pursue, the twitter links I follow, I learn so much – sometimes way too much. My brain goes into overload. Do this, don’t do that, some like it this way, others like it like that … so you take what you learn and try to find the spots in your novel that need fixing.

I think the way, for me atleast, to attack the editing part of novel writing is one piece at a time. I need to look at the piece and figure out how it works best in the puzzle that I’m trying to figure out. With that one piece of wisdom I can go through my novel and fix those areas. And then on to the next piece … so on and so forth.

Not fun. Not something I want to do or enjoy doing. But its necessary. If I want to be a writer who has books published under her name, then I need to suck it up, take it all in and learn. I will only be that much better for it. I hope.