The Olympics and I have never really seen eye to eye. They get in the way of my regular day to day life, they are always on the tv, they fill the news and its all anyone talks about at work. I’m not a sports person, so viewing the Olympics has never been a pastime I’ve enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch the downhill skiing, the figure skating ect. for a few moments, but you won’t find me captivated by it. Poor attitude, I know. But I’ve never professed to be a sports fan (ask my family) so I won’t pretend to LOVE the Olympics.

This year however, is a bit different. This year the Olympics are being hosted in Vancouver, a city I’ve visited and enjoyed. This year the torch came through my town, past my place of business, so I guess I need to find a bit more enjoyment that normal.

Yesterday at 4pm, I found myself standing on the steps of my place of business watching with anticipation. The Coca Cola crew drove by in their two big red bus’. The RBC blue bus came by later – both filled with loud music, energetic dancers and the promise of the torch to follow. It was a bit cold, I shivered a lot, but I found myself cemented to the ground. The phones were ringing off the hook – but I turned a deaf ear to them.

When the torch finally arrived, I found myself choking back the tears. I couldn’t understand the emotion, but instead of dwelling on it, I gave in to it wholeheartedly. I cheered when the runner stopped and waved the torch to the cheering fans. I clapped as he ran by. I found myself imagining the smile on his face as he held that torch in his hands, excited to become a part of history!

I walked away from that experience with a sense of pride. I doubt I’ll ever see that torch again in my lifetime. I doubt it will ever mean as much to me as it did yesterday. Call me a sentimental fool, but I’m proud to say I saw the torch lit personally, proud to have the Olympics on our soil this year, proud to be a Canadian.

What about you? Are you into the Olympics? Do you watch it, keep track of the stats and the winners?