>I’m in the mood … are you? 

I’m in the mood for chocolate. I can’t decide between a decadent piece of chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies that I’d have to bake or chocolate chip waffles that I’d have to make. (kind of rhymes… go figure).

I’m in the mood to write. I want to pick up my pen and continue to outline, plotting chapters and arc. I want to fashion my character and build her voice – the one that keeps playing in my head and demanding that I give her chocolate.

I’m in the mood to edit. I send off my novel to an editor for help. Just a section of it, but until I get it back I have to be hands off. Although I so want to be hands on right now. You know that feeling, right? I have so many ideas in my head swirling around, creating more ideas – that I’m getting a headache 🙂  I’m not a patient person by nature. When an idea comes to me, I tend to act NOW. Waiting, letting an idea germinate – well, that’s just too slow for me. I don’t like it. Not one bit (insert temper tantrum here). But I have another week to wait, which means another week for this idea to figure out if it will work or be thrown into the garbage bin.

I’m in the mood to shop. But only for chocolate ….

What about you.  What are you in the mood for today?