I’ve heard from so many that as a writer, it’s essential, important and basically necessary to attend a Writer’s Conference as some point in their career, especially if it’s early in their career as a writer.

There are a few Christian Writer’s Conferences that I have my eye on. But there’s one in particular that I’m tempted to attend. What I need is your opinion. Is it worth it?

It’s a small, one day conference. Basically 9-4pm. There are three main speakers – one is a well known Christian agent, another a well known author and the last speaker is an editor/author. There will be time to ‘chat’ during breaks and after the conference, and it’s fairly cheap. $50.

Here’s why I’m hesitant. I will need to fly there. Yes, my flight will be basically free (I’ll only pay about $100) but I’ll also need to stay a night at a hotel and possibly rent a vehicle.

So … would you do it? Would you go?