do you feel that tinge of panic that threatens to arise and overwhelm you so you crave to give up?

Or do you feel a sense of giddiness begin to stir in the bottom of your stomach and begin to rumble it’s way up until your antsy fingers itch from wanting to touch the keyboard or pen and begin to rewrite?

It’s been almost 3 weeks now. An idea began to germinate in my mind, something I continues to sweep away, not wanting to even glimpse at it. But it wouldn’t go away. No matter how much I argued with myself.

“What would happen if …” Those 4 dreaded words I never wanted to hear. What would happen if your main character WAS the female protagonist? What would happen if you gave her a slightly more feminine voice? What would happen if ….

I remember one piece of advice that I received from one of my first queries. I was very privileged to received such advice and the thoughts would never completely go away. One of the biggest mistakes I had with my manuscript is that a male was the protagonist for a Christian literature.  Hmmmm …

I’ve been praying about this change. I’ve invested basically 4 years into this novel, on and off. The last year and a few months consistently writing this novel. It started out as a thriller, then into a suspense, then into a Christian contemporary piece. But my main character has ALWAYS been a pastor who turned away from God – a male. His sister was always standing one step behind him.

Not anymore. Today I opened up the novel after rewriting my query (thanks to ElanaJ and Stina for their advice) and watched as my fingers basically danced their way across the keyboard.

That bubbly feeling working its way from the pit of my stomach … its an excitement that won’t go away. I’ve dedicated the weekend to writing – I have a conference in a month where my #1 agent is attending and listening to 1st pages … I NEED to be writing πŸ˜‰ 

Wish me luck!  Oh … and if you have any advice, tidbits of wisdom – I’d love to hear them πŸ™‚