>Sorry everyone I’m a bit late at this. Geesh – January basically flew by didn’t it!

I’m pretty impressed, not only with my results but with everyone elses! Way to go! If you didn’t participate in the January reading challenge, that’s ok, but for those that did … Great Job!

To make it easy I’ll post links to everyone’s challenge, so you can check to see their own results.

Myself, I read 10 books this month. If I keep that up, I’ll hit my 100 book challenge by end of year no problem!

Loren Christie at Dude, Where Am I? read 6 I think (according to her Jan 19th post, although I wonder if she managed to get another one in before the end of the month?)

J. Kayne read a total of 15 books … way to go!

Linda read 5 books – if you haven’t checked out her cute blog, you should 🙂

Sherri said she keeps her list off her blog … ok Sherri … how many did you read?? (oh and if you are a writer, you NEED to stop by her blog!)

Is there anyone else I missed? Who else decided to read ‘just one more book’ this month?  Let me know!