The lovely girls over at If You Give a Girl A Pen have awarded me with my first award – something so monumental for me that I can’t help but pass it along ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m passing it along to those blogs that are small (just like me) yet offer alot to aspiring writers – whether its in their lessons, advice, wit, humor or just plain having a great blog :0) (or just blogs that I absolutely love)

1. D’ann Mateer at Five Bazillion and One
2. The Koala Bear
3. Slushbusters – a fantastic group of 7 writers – you need to check them out!
4. Stina Lindenblatt – Seeing Creative (a wonderful new friend with a similar name)
5. Jeannie Campbell – The Character Therapist
6. Jessica Nelson – BookingIt
7. Karen Gowen – Coming Down the Mountain
8. Loren Christie – Dude, Where Am I? (my fellow book reading buddy)

I’m supposed to list 12 – but I just got home from the gym after work and I’m exhausted, my kids are arguing about going to bed and my hubby wants to spend a ‘little’ bit of time with me before bed …. so all I’ve got are 8 right now … but man, these 8 are fantastic!  Check them out!

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