>It’s Valentine’s Day – a day filled with love, promise and romance.

Are you celebrating? Do you have someone special in your life or do you have an unique way to make this day special for you?

I’ve been married 13 yrs this summer. It’s been a journey, one filled with major valleys, scenic hills and a gorgeous plateau where everything around you just seems ‘that much better’. You understand, right? No matter what type of relationship you’re in – we all experience the same things.

While today should be a day just like every other, my calendar says its a special day. With 3 kids – celebrating it like we’re told to – with dinner/gifts/flowers/chocolates ect, isn’t always an easy thing to do. Sometimes we exchange gifts, sometimes its just a card with flowers and chocolates on the card and other times we decide to do something special. Today we’re celebrating this ‘special’ day my favorite way!

We went to church, where I’m slowly falling back in love with Jesus, stopped at the Cheesecake Cafe for two delectable pieces of cheesecake and then for dinner we’re having chinese food – as a family. I might just bring out the candles so it can be done in candlelight – if I can find my candle holders πŸ˜‰  A perfect way to celebrate.

What about you? How are you celebrating?

Oh … and because today is a day meant to ‘give/share’ … I’m announcing the winner of Mary DeMuth’s book – Thin Places. I used a random generator and the winner is …..

Christine Danek!
Yah!  So Christine – if you could email me your mailing address – I’ll have this off in the mail!  You can email me at steenah@telus.net.