>You know when you have so many ideas swirling around in your brain … and the overload you experience when you try to work on them all?  Ya, I’m about at that point!

My conference that I’m attending is in 2 weeks. I’m tweaking my WIP so that it is spotless, I have a fantastic beta reader who read through my novel and did me the courtesy of NOT stroking my ego. I submitted my first 250-450 words to a few blogs that offered to do a critique – and I think through the one blog (Slushbusters) I have to say I’m happy with my beginning. Very happy.

But while I’ve been doing this – I have a journal, or lined book I guess, that is calling to me. See, I started another WIP when I needed a break from my current one. I had a goal of having my first draft outlined by end of March and I’m not even close to halfway being done. This book has been calling to me, guilting me, enticing with its characters and plot … and I’m so ready to give in to is siren call and just delve in head first … but I can’t. Not yet.

First I need to make sure this novel that is completed is 100% done. And I think it is. I’ve sweated over this baby the last week or so (just ask my family who is missing me).

Have you ever experienced this? Would you be doing the same as I – ensuring it’s really done? I had a few loose ends my beta found that I tidied up … do I just close the file, kiss it goodnight and leave it alone?  Or would another go around hurt? (I do need to schedule some family time in before I leave next week ….)