This was a topic for conversation I’m sure in many homes and offices yesterday. Apologies. Do they mean anything when they are said out of habit or forced? When our kids fight and ‘accidentally’ hurt each other – we make them say ‘sorry’ to each other. Why? Do they really mean it? Probably not – not at first. At an early age, as parents we teach them to say this, make it become a habit … hope to teach our kids something.

But when we’re adults and we do something wrong – if we say sorry out of rote or because we know we should – does it still mean something?

Tiger Woods yesterday had his universal ‘apology’ press release. Some of my co-workers was glad to have him come out and say it. They believes that Tiger owes it to his fans, to his sponsors, to the kids he helps with his company, to say ‘sorry’, to admit his actions were wrong and selfish and hurtful to others. They were glad to hear Tiger mentioned his ‘exclusiveness’ warped his mindset (so to speak) into believing he deserved anything and everything that was offered to him.

Myself on the other hand, wonder if that ‘apology’ was really necessary – especially to have it televised and broadcasted on the radio and online.  Do ‘I’, an average citizen, who really hold no claims on Tiger Woods, really need to hear him say ‘I’m Sorry’ for committing acts that were not against me? Not really. The only ones he needs to be apologies to are those his willful actions hurt personally. Right? His family, his employees, his sponsors ect.
It’s a thought to ponder anyways.

What do you think? Did his apology affect you in any way? Or were you just glad to hear the ‘god’ of golfing admit he’s human after all?