>Have you ever come across a piece of advice, think about it for a moment, agree it’s a good idea and then move on to the next piece of advice, ONLY to have that original idea come back and SMACK you on the side of the head?

I have. And it’s with plotting.

I read on the QueryTracker blog and wonderful piece of advice. I liked it, thought it was quite easy and passed on – after all, we all know how to plot right?

WRONG.I couldn’t have been more wrong!

One night last week I woke up at 1am and knew I needed to plot a new novel idea. It kept me up till 2:30am trying to figure out HOW to do it. Then I remembered this blog post. So I printed it off, read it and tired it. I used created a grid of 9 boxes on an excel file, printed it and started to plot. First I plotted on my own without the advice. Then I went back and used the advice and literally SMACKED my forehead!


I have 2 WIP on the go right now – one 1/2 way down, the other only outlined in this plot. But, once I’m ready to begin on it – it’s gold. What a fantastic idea!

And the original person who figured out this outlining gospel? Cynthia Jaynes Omolulu (another great blog to follow for writers).