>What a fantastic conference! The Pike’s Peak conference in Colorado Springs, hosted by the Colorado Springs ACFW chapter was phenomenal!  If you are a christian writer, I strongly encourage you to join. It’s only $40 but so far, in the few months I’ve been a member, I have learnt alot!  (and yes, Canadians can join).

Ok, so Erin Healy, Rachelle Gardner and Colleen Coble were there. Can I just say “AMAZING”?  LOL

The lovely Rachelle Gardner spoke first. You know, she reminds me of a very elegant english lady (she would be the perfect character in a book). She spoke on how important those opening pages are (I promise to post separately on this).

Next Erin Healy spoke. Her topic was simply fantastic. Talk about changing the way you write! It’s about romancing the reader. She suggested that as writers we write for one reader…. oh you’ll just have to wait …separate post all on its own. I need to nurse this one for a while, let it grow within me first.

Then the CEO of ACFW spoke – Collen Coble. Her topic was how to love the revision process. Let me tell you – if I could bottle up her enthusiasm and joy – it would be worth millions! It’s all about the attitude.

Ok – so quick summary – I am so glad that I came. I really believe that it was a ‘God appointment’. I met so many wonderful ladies that I hope to keep in touch with. I had a few ‘awe’ moments when I realized that I have books by some of these ladies! 

Next year looks to be just as exciting and despite flying from Calgary – I want to go again! I ‘almost’ wish I lived in Colorado Springs, just so I could be a part of this chapter!