In the spirit of creating that opening hook, I have a FANTASTIC contest to announce!
If you are like me and have written, re-written and re-re-written your opening a gazillion times yet still find yourself struggling, this is a contest YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!
I recently found Camy Tang. Now, I’ve been following her blog forever, but it didn’t hit me until recently just how awesome she is at critiques. She’s so amazing that she has offered, along with her lovely ladies at Seekerville, to help all of us who are struggling! Talk about sweet!
Are you a follower of Seekerville? If you’re not, you should go there and take a look around. Talk about multi-talented ladies! On their sidebar are books each of them written. So you know that the help we’ll receive is priceless!
So here’s what the contest is about. 
Send me your first paragraph. Include your name, title and genre.

Send your paragraph to steenah@telus.net

Deadline is Saturday, March 6th – so you have a few days to polish it if you need to.
Since it’s a contest, there must be prizes, right? Sure is! Did I mention that most of the ladies at Seekerville are published and that Pam Hillman is a three time Golden Heart finalist? 
So who will be judging – I have a list and let me tell you, it’s pretty impressive!

          Camy Tang             
Pam Hillman
Myra Johnson
Tina Radcliffe
Glynna Kaye
Missy Tippens
Debby Giusti

Ok … so get those openings polished and send them! I promise you don’t want to miss out on this!
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