>The weather here is unbelievable! Too warm for me to sit inside most of the day, so today’s post will only be a teaser 🙂

Erin Healy at the Pike Peak’s Conference last week spoke about writing for your reader. Is that a concept you’ve ever really thought about? Obviously if you are a published author, you know or have an inkling about who your readers are. They are the ones who buy your books, who comment on your website/blog/facebook. They are the ones you write for, interact with …

But what about the unpublished author. Who do you write for?

Something to think about – and I would love your comments. Erin suggested that instead of writing for the ‘thousands’ who will read your book, you should write for that ONE reader – that one reader who will find themselves unable to put your book down at night, who will want to read more and when they get to ‘The End’, they don’t just put your book down and pick up another … they sit in silence for a moment, digesting what they wrote, the scenes you described, the characters you made them fall in love with.

We’ll have more on this next week – but for now – are you writing for that one reader or for the thousands who will buy your book?