>You know how sometimes you come across a blog/website/forum and think “WOW”?

The gals at Chimera Critiques deserve that “WOW”.

I found them through the Seeing Creative blog (another WOW in my opinion).

If you go over to Chimera Critiques – you’ll find a new contest they are holding – one you don’t want to miss. But it’s not just the contest that you need to check out. Go through their blog – its packed with great writing tips. Plus they have a forum. But … and for me this was amazing – they have a critiquing service. I sent these ladies my first chapter and they were simply … helpful, insightful and brilliant. Each of the ladies were so … good. It’s a poor word, yet it means so much. They nit-picked – with perfection. They didn’t just gloss over the scenes and characters, they dove right in. I can honestly say that my chapter is better, more concise, clearer and vibrant than before.

Yep – this is a post just to tell you how awesome these gals are. Go take a look!