I’m experiencing one of the brain fogs type of days. (Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s actually been longer than a day).

I have 3 characters that need names – names I can’t for the life of me decide on! Can you help?

Let me tell you a little bit about my characters.

#1. Grandpa – retired school teacher, loves kids. Cuddly type of grampa who gives whisker rubs, drinks tea and plays solitaire. He walks daily and takes care of their 1 acre home out in the country. Has rosy cheeks, not overweight. Loves his wife – takes care of her, puts her first in all things, wants to make her happy.

#2. Grandma – walks with her husband, loves children – their daughter passed away – takes care of grandchild, never had more, used to take in children and watch them. Knits, bakes, makes homemade bread ect. Loves to garden, watch the sun rise, drink tea, wear aprons. She’s in the initial stages of losing her memory, gets confused easily and cries a lot.

#3. Little girl. Princess. Only 7 yrs old, has been living with her grandparents for 2 years – her mom has ‘disappeared’. She is homeschooled by her grandpa, has a puppy and kitten she loves. Is shy, quiet, yet loves to giggle and walk on her tiptoes. (her name needs to be ageless)

Ok – suggest away J