>When you’re gifted with an undisclosed amount of free time on your hands, what’s your first thought?

See, today my youngest daughter called me at work – she’s sick. So I find myself with a few free hours on my hands. We’re home, she’s up in my bed watching Sesame Street and I’m down here … now I SHOULD be plotting. I have a new WIP that continues to scream at me (which I love) and I need to figure out where my plot is going. 8 chapters down, 17 scenes figured out … I’m know where my climax will be but it’s getting there, building up to it that I’m trying to figure out …

but … so while I should be plotting I find myself doing other things. Like marinate meat for dinner, whip up some cream puffs with chocolate whip cream to indulge in, do the dishes, pay some bills, eat some lunch and then waste time going through twitter and facebook. Oh – and of course on here (my blog). I only have an hour left … do you think I’m going to open up my WIP?  Who knows.

But what about you. Say you have 3 hours of free time fall into your lap today. What will you do with it?