I’m reading The Writer magazine while sipping my coffee. I wish I was at home in my comfy chair or even at Second Cup enjoying a nice hot mocha or tea – but I’m at work (shhhhh). It’ll take me longer to go through this magazine today, but that’s ok.

Anyways, I come across this article by Melissa Hart – “Mother-Daughter book clubs inspire reading and relationships”, and I think “WOW” what a great idea!  Melissa says ‘a love of books can bring mothers and daughters closer together – and help them discuss touchy subjects’ – which is true. But that’s not what caught my attention.

I have a confession to make. It’s a dirty secret (lol, like airing out laundry). While I may be a writer and a lover of books (almost at the ¼ mark of my 100 book challenge), I have a hard time reading with my children. No no – don’t go shaking those heads or wagging those fingers at me. I read with my kids. My middle daughter even brings books home from her school library for us to read. But I find no pleasure when reading a book out loud to my daughters. Don’t know why. I’ve always been a ‘silent’ reader, like to hide myself away, want peace and quiet when I read. Maybe it’s the constant interruptions about the story or thoughts my daughters have … ya, it probably is. LOL … anyways …

My three girls are all developing habits in regards to reading. My oldest has a book report due every month, so she reads a lot. She has a reading disability, but it doesn’t stop her from devouring books! My middle daughter is starting to get into it – she loves stories and loves it more when I read them aloud (AUGH) and my youngest begs for a story every night. She’s starting to read now as well and loves it.

But … (man that was a lot of backstory just for me to get to my point – wasn’t it!) … wouldn’t starting a book club with some friends and their daughters be fun? It would help to create and mold that love for stories even more (I think atleast). But how to do it? I’ve never been part of a book club so I have no idea how they run, what happens ect. Anyone have any ideas?

Of course – the article mentions ideas. Like committing to a specific day/week each month, choosing a location and deciding on the format. It also suggested doing field trips that pertain to the story – if it’s about animals – go to the zoo or local shelter ect.

What do you think? Have you ever been involved in a book club? Have you started on with kids? What would you suggest?