Yes I said it – that dreaded “Q” word. Some people – like ElanaJ – enjoy the punishment of creating new queries, writing a book on these dreaded works of art and even helps those who shudder when they open a blank document and know they have to begin their query some year.

They are hard work. Hard I tell ya! I’ve written probably close to 15 drafts of my current query and I’ve had a total of 3 hits – 2 from my recent query and one from an old one that I’m sure the agent hit reply by mistake and instantly regretted it! LOL …

Why are they so hard? Why do we, as writers, find it easier to sit down and pound away on our novels without a sweat, yet we find writing a one page query so difficult? For one simple reason. We have 300 pages to write our novel and only 3 paragraphs to sell it. Ya, not so easy!

Have you seen Rachelle Gardner’s recent posts? She makes it plain. I knew there was a reason I like this girl! She takes a query and tells us EXACTLY what is wrong with it – she’s not just saying ‘thanks but no thanks, we don’t feel it suits our agency at the moment … yada yada ..” She goes through each section and shows us as writers why it doesn’t work.

Brilliant! I recently met the fabulous woman at a conference last month. She was kind enough in recent emails to show me why my query didn’t work. I can’t tell you how much this meant to me – a nobody, to have an agent give me personal advice on my query. Maybe one day I’ll share with you – once I actually manage to perfect my query and land an agent J  LOL