>When I say ‘external goals’ do you know what I mean?

Me neither. That is, until recently. Who knew there were so many things to learn when it comes to writing. Geesh! LOL

Ok – so if you’re like I was … what does external goal mean and how can I apply it to my writing (that’s what you’re thinking, right?).

It’s easy (now that I know). External goals (according to Camy Tang) are the backbone of your character’s story arc, and they give the reader something active to follow.Sounds simple right?

For example … my main protagonists’ external goal is to find a way to forgive himself and God for something that happened to him years ago. The story is who he gets there – from point A (being the beginning) to point B (the end). For my main sub-character – he’s one evil dude and his main external goal is to find a woman he victimized 30 years ago and ensure she never tells a soul about their secret. His story is all about how he finds her and begins to play mind games with her (I did tell you he was one evil dude).

Do you know what your character’s external goals are? If not, then you need to spend some time figuring that out. Write them down – write down each character in your book and what their external goal is. You’ll find that you understand your character more deeply when you do this – plus it will help you stay on track when writing your story.

Also – you need to know this for your query and your synopsis.