How many of you have taken the advice from the Hook Contest and applied it to your opening?
(Hands raised) I have!

Now – who would like to know if it works better?  (My hands are raised – are yours?)

If you’d like to get more feedback on your hook, please email your hook to me at steenah(at)telus(dot)net. I will post our hooks here and we can get feedback on them. Please ensure your hook is 100 words or less. Preferably less, but I know some of the hooks sent for the contest were a little longer.  

Even if you didn’t enter (PIEDMONT WRITER HERE’S THAT KICK I PROMISED) feel free to send me your hook. You have until Friday to send those hooks to me.

If you’d like to include your first hook that was critiqued, just let me know!

Here’s where this community of writers come in and works hand in hand together – helping one another to become better writers J