>As a reader – what genre do you gravitate to the most? I’m the sure most popular answer will be ‘depends on my mood’. I’m the same way.

I read just about anything. Biographies, fantasy, science fiction, YA, romance, suspense, thriller … whatever catches my eye and I’m in the mood for I’ll read. I’ve always been like that. I remember when I was in high school, during my spares I wouldn’t be found in the cafeteria, or the hallways, or even sitting outside on the steps flirting with the boys (ok, wait .. I did do that quite a bit) … but usually I could be found in the library. It was in grade nine that I discovered Tolkein and C.S. Lewis. I fell in love with fantasy. Being able to lose myself in other worlds where magic abounded was fantastic!

Oh – now that brings up a memory. Not about fantasy though 🙂  Grade 7 (wait … Mom if you are reading this, please stop!) I had a friend named Cindy. Now she was the type of girl that looked sweet and innocent on the outside. My parents loved her, the teachers loved her … but hidden away in her room was a secret stash of books. Erotic romances, Harlequin … I remember she would lend books to read and I would hide them in the corner of my closet, underneath a pile of ‘stuff’ that I knew my mom would never look under. I’m probably being a bit naive when I say mom didn’t know – cause she’s one smart cookie and she ALWAYS knew what I was doing! (well, sometimes …)

Today however, it all depends ‘on my mood’. Lately I’ve been reading books by Christine Feehan and Lynn Veil – vampire, dark, mysterious. I love the poetic sounds to the words they use, how their descriptions leap off the page, how alleyways become places of nightmares and being covered in soil is a dream come true. I’ve needed those words, that depth for edits on my book. But I think I’m done.

I’ll be heading to the library today to take back all those books. I’m in the mood for suspense now, I think. Or maybe woman’s fiction (I should immerse myself in that right now). Or maybe I’ll find a good fantasy that I can read to my girls … it’s an adventure. LOL

What about you? If you were to walk into your library today … what genre would you gravitate towards?