>Such a simple question isn’t it? But the answer is far from it!

There are so many different ways we delve into a new novel. I’m starting a new one – which is what brought this up for me. How I’m writing this one is so different than my other novels. WAY DIFFERENT. I’ve always been a panster (even when I had no idea what that meant). I loved the thrill of writing by the seat of your pants, never knowing what was going to happen or when … until I came to a lull and realized that my characters didn’t know either. Those days just staring at the computer, typing a word, deleting it, spending 5 min trying to figure out where I want the scene to go only to realize THAT idea won’t work either. 

Come on,  you know what I’m talking about, right? 

This book is different. I’m in the ‘love’ stage right now. So in love with the concept, the characters, the story. All I want to do is write this story, delve into it, lose myself in the scenes and the characters. When I can’t, I find myself irritated, grumpy and not fun to be around at all.  (Yesterday was family day. I was away from my computer the WHOLE day and had to remind myself constantly to STOP THINKING ABOUT THE BOOK!)

Instead of being a panster, I downloaded yWriter. One day I’ll post about this program. I love it. I’m in love with it. This program deals with scenes. OMG. If you have tried it – don’t you love it? If you haven’t – OMG you should πŸ™‚  (you can find it a spacejam, I think …)

Anyways … I gave myself 2 weeks to plot/outline. I’ve never plotted or outlined before and wasn’t sure if that was enough time. Apparently it was – because not only do I have my plot/outline completed, my first draft is done as well since I basically wrote out all the scenes (not just in point form like I should have). LOVE IT.

So now I’m on my rough draft. I already know what’s going to happen (ok … a bit of honesty here – I cried 3 times throughout this novel just in the first stages. So did a girlfriend when she read it over. LOVE that!). I can’t wait to delve into each scene. And the cool thing about this program I’m using – I can stay in each character’s since I already have the scene’s outlined and I can jump back and forth if I’m stuck too.

Ok – so now you know how I’m writing. What about you? How do you write? What can I learn from you in your writing prep or technique to help improve my own writing?