Passion. Such a little word that covers such a vast description.

I’m character building right now. I’ve completed session one of my character course that I’m taking through Camy Tang at Story Sensei.

Trying to unearth my character’s from the inside out is not all that easy. Geesh! LOL

How do you realize what someone’s passion is? Is it what they are passionate about? What stokes their fires in converstaions? The hobby or career that they pursue?  Or all the above?

What’s your passion? Is it being a mother, a writer, a wife, an artist, exercise? What is that one thing that gets you through the day? Or your characters for that matter?

My main character loves to run. But is it her passion or a habit? She is a chocoholic (as if I could create a character who isn’t!) and she reads … but are those passions? She’s passionate about finding her kidnapped daughter – that’s for sure. She’s a wife and mother – but a passion? She loves to bake – but is she passionate about it or enjoys it, finds it relaxing – or is that what its about?

(can you tell where my brain is this morning?  LOL)

Thoughts anyone? How do you describe your passion? How do you know it’s your passion?