When you wish … what do you wish?

Do you wish for small, insignificant things that don’t mean much? Do you wish for world peace, human harmony and chocolate dominion? Or do you wish for regular, normal things – like a good day at work, wishing to write those 2000 words today or that your cupboard held more chocolate?

Hmm … deep thoughts for a Saturday night.

I know what I wish for … chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Chocolate croissants, chocolate chip cookies (homemade of course), chocolate cake, chocolate bagels and OMG chocolate waffles! (can you tell what is on my brain???)

I also wish for quiet in my home. Peace. Laughter. Joy in my life and in my children’s life. Although – I’m sure if I were to give in and share some of that chocolate I have hidden away, there would be TONS of laughter my house tonight!  Along with tears from a sugar rush …

So tell me … what would you wish for right now? (and if any of you go the ‘world peace’ route after I just shared my chocolate cravings, I promise to eat all that chocolate I was going to give away once I reach 100 followers … just a warning … LOL).

Oh … wait … all this chocolate reminds me of something … ElanaJ promised she’d have chocolate in a giveaway contest or something crazy like that … have I missed it? Did she do this and I didn’t read her blog that day? Or is she still holding out on me??????  Anyone know?  LOL