>I had a ‘light bulb’ moment today. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. Almost.

Who here knows what a Gerund is? (ya, ya … I can see those hands raised). Please tell me there’s someone else besides myself who had no idea what it meant!  Please??? 

Yes, I have had this mentioned to me … to watch my gerunds. One of my best beta readers told me this often … sorry Stina for not listening). Yep, I’ve looked it online, scratched my head in wonder and said ‘oh ok …’ and still didn’t understand.

Until TODAY!  OMG. Please don’t laugh.

For those of you who were like me and had no idea … let me spell it out for you in Steena terms. (yes, yes, I’m sure it means more .. and if it does please tell me) but … you know those “ING” words we use .. blushing, looking, watching, kissing … those words. D’uh! 

Can we all say it together … ‘D’UH’!  LOL