Car salesmen are the best when it comes to telling stories! Man, do they know it all! We could all learn something from them – especially in terms of knowing our craft.
Think about it. Every day they make their living by selling their craft. They rely on their customers to believe their claims – whether its about a vehicle and how great they would look in it, the selling feature of that car or why they need to buy that car today. They listen to their clients, figure out what their needs are (sometimes the customer won’t tell them) and find a vehicle that will best suit their needs.
They know their craft. They perfect their craft every single day. I should know – I work with 12 of them. I watch them hone in on their craft until they are artists.
We could learn from them. Learning our craft – how to write and write well, all the little nuances that are important when creating a story … those things are important.
Car salespeople know how to weave a story for their customer. They do it time and time again, each time their story changes depending on the needs of their customer. But they do it. And the majority of the time, their story is what sells that vehicle.
Isn’t that the way with our writing? It’s our story that draws people in, it’s our story that will sell … but its knowing our craft that the agents and editors want to ensure we perfect.
I’m tellin’ ya – car salespersons should be writers 😉