>Have I garnered your interest yet?  

Who are the Fabulous S’???  Well, let me tell you about two gals who met through a blog post eons ago!  Ok, ok … maybe not eons … but they share plenty of things in common. Too many to list but I’ll give you some hints:

  • they both LOVE chocolate
  • they both LOVE to write (and get grumpy when they can’t – although one tends to be more excited about revisions than the other)
  • they both have three awesome children
  • they both have blogs that have reached new platforms they want to celebrate
  • they will both be offering some freakin’ fantastic prizes
  • they both will be hosting HUGE announcements on their blogs come Monday

Any guesses? No? Ok … one more hint …

We both have the same name just spelled differently (personally I like my spelling best but everyone tends to spell my name her way).

Yep – you read it right!  A HUGE announcement will be on Monday. Stayed tuned!  (oh … and spread the word cause I need to reach 100 followers before I can announce this …)