>What do you get when take two chocoholics with the same first name, who live in the same city, who write fiction, and who are celebrating a milestone?

You get the Steena & Stina’s OMG! Contest

Last week Stina hit a milestone of 50 followers after she realized her blunderous error of not having a Followers button on her blog! (Can we say OMG, girl what were you thinking!!)

I came up with the fabulous idea (yes, cause I’m just that good) to hold a contest to celebrate … I’m so close to reaching 100 followers and I’ve been waiting with baited breath to announce some absolutely amazing prizes … and low and behold – she loved the idea!

But we couldn’t decide what type of contest. ‘Really really bad query’ didn’t work (no one could write a query as bad as my first one … LOL) and Stina didn’t like the idea of a ‘first line of your ms contest’ cause she’s such a softie that she’d want everyone to win … so she had the great idea of hosting a arm wrestling contest like Lisa & Laura Roecker did … but um, this chick (not me … Stina) works out and there’s no way I’d win against her.

So we just figured to do the regular ole’ boring type of contest where you add your name and then if you tweet or blog about our contests you’ll get extra entries. Not too bad. Right?

So that’s what we’re gonna do … the entry form is below. Get as many chances as you can cause I promise you the prizes are SWEET! You’ll have to check out Stina’s blog to find out her prizes (a warning … you must be a follower of both our blogs to win though).

But for me … OMG. Tell me if you don’t love my prizes!

Query Critique by non other than Camy Tang from Story Sensei &
A first page critique from the gals at Slushbusters! OMG!

Alright, alright … there’s another prize … I’m ‘told’ I have to share this chocolate stash of all my favorite chocolates that I’ve been promising … so fine … I’ll share … 😉

3 Prizes! OMG!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:
*Be a follower
*Fill in the form below (super easy, eh?)

The contest ends May 3rd 11:59 p.m. EST. I’ll use a random number generator to select the winners. The winners will be announced May 6th and notified by email.