Or should I say, what does your character want?
You’d think it was a simple question. But it’s not. Think about yourself first. What do you want? What are your goals, passions, desires? Not so easy. Sometimes we combine all three, sometimes we just focus on one and not the others. My passion is writing. My desire … to write more, to land an agent, to be published … which is the same as my goal. Or is it?
My characterization course with Camy is over. I’m so glad I took that course! I was able to delve deeper into my main character than I thought possible. More so than just creating an ‘interview’ would allow me to.
Let’s start with Desire. Desire is what I want, really really want. More than chocolate (OMG did I just say that???).  But let’s use chocolate and writing  as my main examples.
My desire is to eat chocolate all day long. My desire is to become a best selling author.
My goal (or external goal for writers) is a physical thing. Something I can feel and see. It’s not my desire but it’s a reflection of my desire. I can’t have a goal without the desire. So my goal with chocolate is to have that chocolate in my possession – whether in my secret stash, at work or at home. My goal is also to hold my books (notice I didn’t just say one) in my hand, to place them on my shelf at home and see them on the bookshelves at bookstores.
Now my passion (or motivation for writers) will combine my desire and goal together. My passion or motivation is the reason for my goal. The reason I want to hold a book in my hand is because I want to be a best selling author. I want to be a best selling author because I want to be able to support my family, I want to be able to travel, I want to know my retirment is secure. Oh – almost forgot the chocolate. That’s pretty self explanatory though, isn’t it πŸ˜‰
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