Have you heard of Allison Winn Scotch? She’s written Time of my Life and her new book ‘The One That I Want”. She’s offering a fantastic opportunity, one that … if you’re a writer … you don’t want to miss!


You’ll need to visit her site … www.allisonwinn.com/ask-allison for better details, but the gist is this … her agent – the awesome Elisabeth Weed from Weed Literary is opening her email box to queries and first chapter submissions with a proof of purchase of Allison’s new book! 


I’ve been doing some research – Allison is a sweetie on her own with a passion we all share J  (chocolate anyone???) Make sure you take a look at Elisabeth’s website before you query in June though – she lets you know what she is interested in and what she’s not looking for. She is on my list though as one of the top agents (a dream agent) I am querying for my current WIP J