>There is a contest within the ACFW called Genesis. It’s a huge contest within the Christian Writing World. Its an opportunity for unpublished writers to place their novels in front of agents and editors and have them go through their first 15 pages and mark them. In each category there are finalists.  In the past the majority of the finalists have signed on with agents. Of course this is everyone’s dream. Including mine. I’ve been a bit anxious all week waiting to find out where I stood with this contest. Like so many others I know. And like so many others, I didn’t finalize.

I’ll be honest. When I read the news yesterday, it hurt. A fellow writer in a critique group of mine did. I was so happy for her – still am, what an amazing opportunity. I’ll get my ‘score’ or judges remarks within a few weeks – which will be good. I can go through and find out what needs to be fixed to make it a stronger piece. But it still hurt.

You know that pain – that heavy shroud of disappointment that just settles on you?  But then this morning I realized something. It still doesn’t take away that feeling, but it helps. I did what so many others DIDN’T do. I submitted. I placed my work in the hands of those who know what they are doing and I’ll get feedback – something so crucially important to me. More feedback than just a regular query rejection. And you know what – my writing will improve. My skills will sharpen, my words will come together in a tighter fashion. I will become a better writer!

So congratulations to all those who finalized in the Genesis contest! I really am excited for you all and can’t wait to find out what happens next for you in this journey. Hopefully next year I’ll be contracted with an agent and won’t be able to submit, but if not – then I’ll have another piece or two to send in and hope to feel exactly what you are feeling right now when I find out that I am a finalist 🙂