Picking up a new book by your favorite author is a bit harrowing. For me atleast. So many thoughts run through my brain – will I like it, is it like her other ones, will it have the same flavor, the same feel, will I fall in love with her writing again, is this a book I can put down at any time or will I need to continue reading into the wee hours of the morning, will it stay with me?

Yeah, lots of questions. The last one is the most important one for me. Will it stay with me? Will this story, these characters haunt my thoughts, interrupt my daily routine? If it does, if these characters become important to me – then it’s a good book! One to keep on my shelf. One that I will read and re-read. Again and again.

When I found out Erin Healy was writing another book – this time on her own, I was so excited! I first discovered (makes me sound like I’m important or something – hahaha) Erin Healy it was when she co-wrote Kiss with Ted Dekker. It was a different book than what I was used to from Ted Dekker – and it made me pause. There was a flavor to it that I loved – yet it wasn’t his writing style – it was different from all the other books I read from him. It made me think.

This past February I actually met Erin Healy. Like ‘met her’. As in … talk to her personally πŸ™‚  She was a speaker at a conference I attended – one of the two reasons for why I went to this conference in the first place. Her session was spell binding, life changing and all so important to me as a writer. I’ve walked away with her words stuck in my mind. After the conference I was able to go up and actually speak to her. My words weren’t life changing. They were run of the mill actually – boring. “Thank you for what you said … blah blah … “. Nothing that would set me apart from all the others who gushed at her feet.  But I picked up her next book – Burn. Also co-written with Ted Dekker. Again – not the same feel. By now I’ve realized why – it’s Erin.

When the opportunity to maybe win her new book – one that she wrote alone – came about – you can be sure I entered! I also asked if I could do my part to help spread the word of her new book. You know you love an author when … lol.

The book arrived this week. Along with another surprise (that I’ll share with you later). I ripped open the package and sat down in my reading chair. I begged my hubby to make supper for me – my kids weren’t disappointed either (I’m a baker, not a cook).

Never Let You Go is a book you can’t put down. It’s a story that weaves it magic and enthralls you. The characters don’t leave you. You find yourself thinking about the story throughout the day. The message – one of love – is subtle, hidden and woven throughout the lines. I love that. I love not being preached at – no matter what the message is. This message of this novel is the story. Erin’s way with words is potent, powerful and heart changing.  There is an element of suspense combined with the supernatural is magical all on its own.

So … about the book – Lexi is a young mother with a past. A past that manages to destroy the life she created for herself. Her husband left her after her sister died. A death that leaves a permanent stain on Lexi’s hands. Her only reason for living now is her daughter. She is determined to protect that innocence at all costs – until she realizes the cost is too much for her pay. Hidden sins are exposed and a whirlwind of supernatural forces seek to strangle Lexi’s hold on her daughter.

I love this book. I love the aspect of hidden sins – probably because we all have them, we’re all blind to their power and we all have the same gut-wrenching reaction when are hidden sins (whether they be those chocolates hidden in that drawer or something more powerful) are threatened to be exposed.

So now the good news – for you. I have an extra copy of Never Let You Go. Post a comment below and I will randomly draw from the names (you have to be a follower though). If you don’t win – go buy the book. I promise you will not be disappointed!

If you want to know more about Erin Healy or her books you can go to her website www.erinhealy.com