Emotional connection – what is it and how to we achieve it?

We all know how important that first paragraph is in any book – whether we’ve written it or just read it. Those first words are what captivate us. They are the kiss of life or death for any book. How many times have you opened to that first page, read those first few lines – only to place the book back down? Have you ever thought about why?

As a writer – creating that connection with your reader is CRUCIAL. So how to you get it? Easy. Through emotion. Yep. EMOTION.

If you connect your reader with your characters through emotion, you’ve got them hooked. Now, that emotion doesn’t need to be all sappy, lovey-dovey type (unless there’s chocolate). You can use fear, grief, hunger (um yes, think about it … chocolate/cravings/helllloooo), happiness … really anything. As long as it’s real (no dreams people, ok?).

Yeah, yeah … but how? Right? Easy peasy. Really.

Can you make us feel sorry for your character? Use your imagination on this, but for me … if there’s chocolate involved and your gal can’t eat it .. I’m hooked (I wanna know why … I feel for her …)

What about putting your character in danger or even supposed danger? There’s nothing more threatening than finding out you have no money and your favorite chocolate shop is going out of business – TODAY. OMG.

Add humor! There’s nothing better than a good chuckle or even a quiet giggle to keep your reader enthralled.

Create a mysterious setting. Suspense, fear … keep your reader guessing. Make them ask questions right off the bat. Remember LOST? That first scene?

What else? I’m sure you can name a few? Let’s keep the ball rolling …

The key though is to establish a connection between the reader and the character. If you can do that – you’re golden.