>The One That I Want by Allison Winn Scotch. New York Times Bestselling Author. Unimaginable. Fully attainable. Engrossing. Read in one sitting good.

This is the book I teased you about. The one that kept me in bed, begging my husband to bring my coffee, my children to make me toast – all so I could stay in bed and read. Which I did. In one sitting.

Can I just say I loved it? Can I just say that by reading the words Allison created I was encouraged to continue on in my own journey. That deep desire we all have to write – it was intensified. As if this book were a log to place on the fire. The fire that I need to keep burning in my own heart.

The story itself is great. The underlying message is not in your face at all. More like a gentle nudge, a whisper to that secret spot. Its about a fear most women carry – whether single or married. What if? What if my life doesn’t turn out the way I expected it to or even want it to? What if the choice I make today or even the choices I made so long ago weren’t the right ones? What then? Is it too late? Am I stuck in this mold I fashioned for myself whether willingly or not?

Tilly Farmer is a character that you want to hip check in the very beginning. Whether its the ‘hey sista’ type of hip check or ‘wake up girl’ type – I’ll leave that up to you. But she’s a character that doesn’t leave you. Yep, you might shake your head at her, might want to smush her cheeks together and shake her a bit – but eventually you end up wanting to give her the biggest hug you can give. She’s a girl after your own heart.

The One I Want by Allison Winn Scotch (love the middle name – its in family but spelled wynn) is a book you don’t want to miss. I’m so engrossed and in love right now that I’m going to be buying her other books. And yes, she does have more. Can we say a new favorite author to place on my list? 

I have a special interview with Allison that I will post later. I’m almost late for work (shhhhhh) but I wanted to make sure I give you a teaser about her book 🙂