>I’m like a kid in a candy shop when my new magazine has arrived in the mail – whether its the Kraft Cooking magazine, Writers’ Digest, The Writers, or any other ones I love to get. I’m not a magazine junkie but I’m close.

But there’s one thing I hate the most – when the magazine I’m been drooling over receiving lets me down.

That happened tonight. There wasn’t one article in there that I enjoyed, that I could apply for me, some nugget of truth I could find. Not one. And it made me realize something – maybe I’ve outgrown that magazine. Like when I used to LOVE getting the Victoria one in the mail – OMG I loved that magazine – but eventually I grew tired of it. That decorating style no longer suited me. Maybe it’s that case right now. Which is sad. Almost like going into my favorite candy shop and finding out they sold out of my favorite candy.