>Go with me on this exercise. I’m stealing it from something … but it’s perfect when it comes to bringing a reader along with you on your journey. Ready?

See; the luster of the intense dark chocolate shell.
Smell; the rich aroma of cocoa.
Hear; the sot break of the shell as you bite into it, releasing the fine dark chocolate mouse within.
Feel; the light, creamy, real mousse texture melt in your mouth.
Taste; the intense dark chocolate combined with the subtle flavour of vanilla.

Do you see it? Can you imagine tasting that delectable piece of chocolate? Would you like to see what you’re indulging in …

Nope. Words should be enough. They have to be enough – we have to learn to paint a picture with our words. To assault the senses with enough of an impact for our readers to ‘get it’.

Did you?