I just read one of those ‘quick’ reads – Tuesday Tells it Slant by Holly Christine. I even have a special treat planned for tomorrow with Holly. Now, don’t let my ‘quick’ read fool you. Yes – it only took me a few hours while ‘pretending’ to sleep upstairs while my hubby cut the lawn and my kids wrecked havoc in my house. But it was a good read.

Tuesday Tells it Slant imparted one thing with me. To write. To follow my passion. Author Holly Christine has a unique storytelling voice. It was interesting to read. She took a concept – of wishing to forget the horrors of an incident in life – and led us on a path. She introduced a writer with a passion who suddenly loses the passion to write fiction and falls in love with poetry. In her quest, she becomes an editor and reviewer – hmmm … it appears that while she may have forgotten her passion, the passion didn’t forget about her 🙂

I enjoyed this book 😉