It’s my birthday 😉 
Today, I have an excuse for being a Diva J  (ya ya, I’m a Diva all the time, but today it’s kind of expected)

My sweet friend Stina told me to be specific with my wish when I blow out the candle (I love her for saying just one candle … now if my husband will be so kind …).

Specific huh?
Well, there are a few things I can think of to wish for:
  • Chocolate
  • A smaller, slimmer body
  • An Agent (with a Capital A) (oh … but then she told me to be specific … so not just any agent, but the one who falls in love with my characters and story and preferably before Christmas)
  • Chocolate ….

What would you wish for on your birthday?

And please … remember that you are a diva, so it’s all about you … not world peace or anything like that okay … be selfish (cause I sure am today) J