>I don’t know about you – but I HATE/DETEST/ABHOR writing queries. 

I know they are a necessary part to writing – I get that – but I just wish I didn’t suck so much at writing them šŸ˜‰

Lisa & Laura offered a fantastic opportunity yesterday that only made it 100% better today by having people submit their pitch and they were going to pick one – which turned out to everyone who entered – to receive a query critique!

So .. because I’m so close to writing ‘the end’ for the first time (LOL) on my current WIP – I figured, it was a great time to create a pitch. Which led to creating a query or two. Now ElanaJ has a fantastic e-book called “From the Query to the Call” that if you don’t have and you struggle with your queries too (and I know there are many of us who do) then you should go to her site and buy it. It’s worth it!

I’m being smart this time – I think – with my query. By starting it BEFORE I’m ready to actually send it out – I’m now not in a rush! I have time to perfect it, get it critiqued, have other help my blank mind see where I need to tighten a sentence or two or three. I don’t feel the stress this time around.

Other than reading the query and realizing two things.

1. I wouldn’t want to read it.

2. It doesn’t do the book justice.

On to the drawing board AGAIN ….