>Make a goal. We all hear that. We all semi-believe it. We all try to follow it.

Whether it’s to lose weight, save some money, go on a vacation or finish a book.  We all do it. But how many of us see it through to the end?

I joined the ACFW July word challenge. Remember? The minimum word goal for the month was 10K. Well, I figured I might as well really challenge myself. I went for 30K. But not only that. I wanted to finish my novel by end of July.
Not a bad goal, right?


Not only did I go over my goal in words for the month – but I finished my novel as well! OMG. Let me tell you – I was just a tad bit excited. I wrote the words … THE END. And then celebrated. It took me 3 months to write. Whew.

So what about you? How are you with making goals and keeping them?